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Overview of Expectations
We have competent, professional, and dependable staff to meet and/or exceed your expectations...

When you call Exfinity, we will ask specific questions to summarize your needs, get authorization from your current Physician to begin care, verify insurance information, and assign a nurse to perform an assessment. The nurse will call you to schedule an appointment. The nurse (RN) will review:

  • Current symptoms and illnesses.
  • Current medications, their indications and effects.
  •  Recent and impending life changes. 
  •  Current and future living environment and its appropriateness to function and prognosis.
  •  Family situation and availability.
  • Current caregiver network including its deficiencies and potential.
  • Objective measure of cognitive status.
  • Objective assessment of mobility and balance.
  • Rehabilitative status and prognosis if ill or disabled.
  • Current emotional health and substance abuse.
  • Nutritional status and needs.
  • Disease risk factors, screening status, and health promotion activities.
  • Services required and received.

There will be documents for you or your advocate to sign. All findings will be communicated with your Physician. A care plan will be developed to ensure proper follow-up. At that time everyone involved with your care will know how often the visits are needed, what care you will need, what you expect, and who will be performing the duties.

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